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For any emergency assistance services, the Insured Person may place a collect call to the alarm centre at (852)2169 0908. The Insured Person is required to quote your name, policy number, location (name of hospital if applicable), phone number and kinds of assistance services when he/she seeks.


24-hour Worldwide Emergency Assistance Hotline: 852-2169 0908

Claims Hotline: 852-2169 0908

This plan is underwritten by CHINA TAIPING INSURANCE (HK) COMPANY LIMITED.  Please refer to the following for the terms, conditions and exclusions of the plan.

For details of the plan please contact CHINA TAIPING INSURANCE (HK) COMPANY LIMITED at 2169 0908.

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Terms & Conditions

Part 1 Applicable to all parts of this policy

    These Emergency Assistance Benefits are issued and provided by Inter Partner Assistance Hong Kong Limited (hereinafter referred to as “IPA”) to the Insured Person who is insured under the Policy.

    Please refer to the following for the terms, conditions and exclusions of the plan.

    Opening Hour: 24 hours daily Monday to Sunday

    Terms & Conditions


    (a) Assistance Event means any event or occurrence with respect to an Insured Person who is entitled to receive assistance pursuant to this benefit, occurring within the Time and Geographic Limits respectively set forth in Section 13(B) and subject to the Limitation & Exclusion listed in Section 13(G) hereafter.

    (b) Emergency means a serious medical situation or distress which could not be reasonably prevented and for which specific external help is required.

    (c) Hospital Network means the network of Hospitals in PRC which joins IPA’s Hospital network scheme and accepts the emergency card with the product logo (IPA’s MedPass Logo) and will allow the Insured Person to be admitted to the Hospitals without paying the admission deposit. Such Hospitals are located in the major cities of major provinces in the PRC.

    (d) Illness means any Sickness, illness or disease.

    (e) Place of Residence means Hong Kong SAR unless it is specified otherwise in the application form for the Policy. If a place other than Hong Kong SAR is specified, Place of Residence in the context of this assistance program means the place so specified in the proposal form.

    (f) PRC means the People’s Republic of China excluding Hong Kong and Macau Special Administrative Region.

    (g) Regular Passenger means the Insured Person who is able to normally being seated in any means of transportation without stretchers for repatriation to Place of Residence.


    The benefits are granted during the Period of Insurance and whilst on the Insured Journey and as long as the Policy remains valid. The Benefits apply to worldwide outside Place of Residence provided that the trip duration limit under item 7 of Part 3.


    If the Insured Person shall suffer Bodily Injury or Illness or is in need of medical, legal, administrative Emergency assistance outside the Place of Residence (except for Travel Assistance information which may be obtained locally) while arising out of and in the course of his journey provided that such journey is not undertaken against the advice of the physician, and/or for the purpose of obtaining or seeking any medical or surgical treatment abroad, the following emergency assistance services and benefits are available directly from IPA upon specific verbal notification by the Insured Person or his personal representative to any of the specified 24-hour alarm centre. The Insured Person shall not be entitled to the reimbursement of expenses incurred or paid directly by him in relation to the notification.

    (a) Medical Attention Telephone Medical Advice, Evaluation and Referral Appointment. When medical advice is needed, the Insured Person may telephone the nearest IPA’s alarm centre for medical advice and evaluation from the attending physician. However, it shall be stressed that telephone conversation cannot establish a diagnosis and shall be considered as an advice only. If medically necessary, the Insured Person shall be referred to another physician or to a medical specialist for personal assessment and IPA will assist the Insured Person in making the medical appointment. IPA will also provide the Insured Person with the name, address, telephone number and if required by the Insured Person and if available, office hours of physicians, Hospitals, clinics, dentists, dental clinics. All physician’s fees and related charges shall be borne entirely and directly by the Insured Person without any reimbursement from IPA.

    (b) Medical Evacuation (Unlimited Cover)Should the Insured Person suffer from Bodily Injury or Illness such that IPA’s medical team and the attending physician recommend hospitalization in another medical facility where the Insured Person can be suitably treated IPA will arrange and pay for:

    i) the transfer of the Insured Person into one of the nearest Hospital and,

    ii) if necessary, on medical grounds. The transfer of the Insured Person with necessary medical supervision by any means (including but not limited to air ambulance, scheduled commercial flight, and road ambulance) to a Hospital more appropriately equipped for the particular Bodily Injury or Sudden Illness, or The direct repatriation, including road ambulance transfers to and from the airports, of the Insured Person with necessary medical supervision by scheduled airline to an appropriate Hospital or other health care facility near his permanent residence, if his medical condition permits such repatriation. The medical team and attending physician will determine the necessary arrangements according to the circumstances.

    (c) Repatriation After Treatment (Unlimited Cover). Following the Medical Evacuation and if medically necessary, IPA will arrange and pay for the repatriation of the Insured Person as a Regular Passenger to the medical facility in his Place of Residence by scheduled airline flight (on economy class up to one ticket) or any other appropriate means of transportation(on economy class basis up to one ticket), including any supplementary cost of transportation to and from the airport, if his original ticket is not valid for the purpose, provided that the Insured Person shall surrender any unused portion of his ticket to IPA Any decision on the repatriation of the Insured Person shall be made jointly and exclusively by both the attending physician and IPA’s alarm centre under constant medical supervision.

    (d) Repatriation of Mortal Remains/Ashes. Upon the death of an Insured Person, IPA will arrange and pay for:

    i) The repatriation of the Insured’s body or ashes to the Insured Person’s place of burial in the Insured’s Place of Residence, or

    ii) At the request of the Insured Person’s heirs or representative, the local burial of the Insured Person, provided that IPA’s financial responsibility for such local burial shall be limited to the equivalent of the cost of repatriation of mortal remains as provided in this benefit.

    (e) Essential Medication/Medical Equipment. Upon request from a local attending physician IPA will, while possible and legally permissible, dispatch any essential medicine and/or medical equipment required for the Insured Person which is not locally available. On IPA obtaining written agreement or approval of those costs incurred by the Insured Person, the Insured Person will bear the cost of the items dispatched and the relevant transportation costs, unless these items are required for emergency according to the opinion of IPA’s medical team.

    (f) Medical Monitoring. IPA will monitor an Insured Person’s medical condition if the Insured Person is hospitalized outside Hong Kong and will update the employer or family of the Insured Person on the said condition.

    (g) Administration Assistance. In case of loss or theft of essential documents or personal identification documents (e.g. passport, entry visa, etc.), IPA will provide the Insured Person with the necessary information regarding the formalities to be fulfilled with the appropriate local authorities or entities, in order to obtain the replacement of such lost or stolen documents of the Insured Person.

    (h) Compassionate Visit. In the event of the Insured Person is traveling outside Place of Residence and has suffered from Bodily Injury or Illness resulting in Hospital Confinement outside his Place of Residence for more than seven (7) consecutive days, IPA will arrange and pay for the cost of a return scheduled airline (on economy class basis) or any reasonable transportation means (on economy class basis) for an Immediate Family Member or a designated person of the Insured Person to travel from the Place of Residence of the Insured Person to the Insured Person’s bedside, including the cost of an ordinary room accommodation in any reasonable hotel up to HKD1,200.00 per day for a maximum period of five (5) consecutive days, but excluding the cost of drinks, meals and other room services.

    (i) Return of Unattended Dependent Child(ren) to Place of Residence (Unlimited Cover)

    If any of the Insured Person’s traveling dependent child(ren) under eighteen (18) years of age is left unattended by reason of the Insured Person’s Bodily Injury or Illness resulting in Hospital Confinement outside his Place of Residence, IPA will organize and pay for the cost of a scheduled airline ticket (on economy class basis) or any reasonable transportation means, for such child(ren) to return to his home in the Insured Person’s Place of Residence, including any supplementary cost of transportation to and from the airport, if the original ticket is not valid for the return, provided that the Insured Person shall surrender any unused portion of the return ticket to IPA. If necessary, IPA will also hire and pay for a qualified attendant to accompany any such dependent child(ren) for return journey.

    (j) Deposit Guaranteeing of Hospital Admission. In case of Hospital admission duly approved by both the attending physician and IPA’s alarm centre doctor and the Insured Person is without means of payment of the required Hospital admission deposit, IPA will guarantee or provide such payment up to USD6,500.00. Prior to providing this service IPA has a right to request the Insured Person or his personal representative to provide a valid credit guarantee.

    (k) Hotel Room Accommodation for Convalescence. IPA will arrange and pay for the cost of an ordinary room accommodation in any reasonable hotel up to HKD1,200.00 per day for a maximum of five (5) consecutive days, incurred by the Insured Person for the sole purpose of convalescence immediately following his discharge from the Hospital, and if deemed medically necessary by both attending physician and IPA’s alarm centre doctor.

    (l) Unexpected Return to the Place of Residence (Unlimited Cover). In the event of the death of the Insured Person’s Close Relative in his Place of Residence while the Insured Person is traveling overseas (excluding the case of immigration) necessitating an unexpected return to his Place of Residence, IPA will arrange and pay for the cost of a scheduled return airline ticket (on economy class basis) for the return of the Insured Person.

    (m) Hotline Extension to the Insurer’s Full Service Program. IPA will provide the following additional information and referral services to the Insured Person calling IPA in Hong Kong SAR at any time twenty four (24) hours a day, three hundred and sixty five (365) days a year.

    i) Pretrip Information Services

    ii) Embassy Referral

    iii) Lost Luggage Assistance

    iv) Travel Information

    v) Hospital Network Information

    vi) Emergency Travel Service Assistance

    vii) Interpreter Referral


    IPA will not reimburse the Insured Person or any party if the service is not directly performed by IPA or the Insured Person does not obtain a prior approval from IPA before arranging the service.


    (a) Insured Person shall use reasonable efforts to mitigate the effects of an Emergency.

    (b) IPA’s medical team or other representatives shall have free access to the Insured Person in order to assess the Insured Person’s condition. Without reasonable justification for denial of such an access, the Insured Person will not be eligible for further medical assistance.

    (c) Insured Person shall cooperate with IPA to enable IPA to get all documents and receipts from the relevant sources and assist IPA at the Insured Person’s expense in complying with necessary formalities.

    (d) Any claim with respect to an Assistance Event or the right to any legal action or claim shall be forfeited unless such claim is filed within two (2) years of the occurrence of such event.


    In the event that IPA makes any payments in connection with the provision of assistance to an Insured, IPA shall be subrogated to the rights of such Insured Person to obtain payments from any third party found legally responsible for the assistance, up to the amount of such payment made by IPA and any other insurance or assistance plan which provides compensation to the Assistance Events.


    Provided that IPA has first sought an agreement with the Insured Person and his Close Relative if the Insured and/or his Close Relative shall themselves be responsible for all reasonable costs incurred for such assistance, IPA will not be required to provide assistance to the following:

    (a) Pre-existing Conditions for which treatment are received prior to Effective Date of the Policy;

    (b) Injuries due to insanity or self-infliction or conditions related to functional disorders of the mind; rest cure or sanatorium care; drug addiction or alcoholism; communicable diseases requiring by law isolation or quarantine;

    (c) Congenital abnormalities;

    (d) Pregnancy and maternity;

    (e) Injuries arising directly or indirectly as a result of participation in any professional or competitive sports;

    (f) Injuries sustained as a result of participation in illegal acts;

    (g) Services rendered without the authorization and/or intervention of IPA;

    (h) Costs which would have been payable if the event giving rise to the intervention of IPA had not occurred;

    (i) Any expense more specifically covered under other insurance policy;

    (j) Cases of minor Illness or injury which in the opinion of the IPA’s doctor can be adequately treated locally and which do not prevent the Insured Person from continuing their travels or work;

    (k) Expenses incurred where the Insured Person in the opinion of the IPA’s doctor is physically able to return to his/her Place of Residence sitting as a normal passenger and without medical escort, unless deemed necessary by the IPA’s doctor;

    (l) Cases related to psychiatric disorders;

    (m) The Insured Person engages in any form of aerial flight except as a fare paying passenger on a regular scheduled airline or licensed charter aircraft over an established route.


    IPA shall not be held responsible for delays or impeachment in performing Assistance in case of strike, war, invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities (whether war declared or not), civil war, rebellion, insurrection, terrorism or military, political coup, riot and civil commotion, administrative or political impediments or radioactivity or any other acts of God or widespread catastrophe such as flood, earthquake or tidal wave which prevents IPA from providing such assistance services.

    It is understood that the physicians, Hospitals, clinics, any kind of professionals to whom the Insured Person will be referred by IPA are for most of them independent contractors responsible for their own acts and are not employees, agents or servants of IPA. Furthermore, IPA shall not be responsible for any act of failure to act on the part of those professionals such as, but not limited to, physicians, Hospitals and clinics.


    The service shall cease when the Policy is discontinued.


    The service to be provided by IPA is subject to review from time to time and the Company reserves the right to change the service offered at any time without prior notice.


    The service is provided by IPA which is an independent contractor and is not an agent of the Company. The Company shall make no representation, warranty or undertaking as to the availability of IPA’s services and shall not be liable to the Insured Person or any other person in any respect of any loss, damage, expense, suit, action or legal proceeding suffered or incurred by any of them, whether directly or indirectly, arising from or in connection with the services provided or advice given by IPA or its agents, or the availability of such services.

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