Global Concierge
The UnionPay Concierge service is not just for the luxury traveler or the high flier. Our concierge service can be used by all cardholders to help with everyday tasks as well as assist with special requirements, including travel, entertainment, shopping and other personal needs.
  • Travel
    Consultation about vaccination prior to travel and assistance with visa application
    Assistance with hotel recommendation and reservation
    Assistance with flight information and reservation
    Assistance with the rental, recommendation and reservation of luxury cars
    Translation assistance
    Yacht / Private Jet Charter Assistance
  • Entertainment
    Recommendations and reservations of golf courses
    Recommendations and reservations for dining locations
    Reservations for activities and performances
    Ticket reservations at sporting events
    Information and recommendation of SPAs, fitness centers and sports centers
  • Shopping
    Major Shopping, Flower and Gift Delivery Assistance
    Shopping assistance (Hong Kong and Paris)
We provide communication and information for above services, and cardholders will take the cost in merchant side.  
Note:The above services may vary due to different card issuing markets and issuers. For more details, please refer to the terms and conditions as stipulated by the issuing bank.

Service Hotline, Email, H5 Access:

Country 24*7 Hotline Overseas call Email address Website
Hong Kong, China 852-2169 0108 NA
Macau, China 853-6262 6324 NA
Cambodia 1800-201-352 +1-408-351-0339
Georgia 0800-008-025 +1-408-351-2821
Indonesia 0018-0306-5141 +1-408-351-0735
Malaysia 1800-813-692 +1-408-351-3196
Philippines 1800-1118-0012 (PLDT)
1800-8441-0931 (GLOBE)
Portugal 800-210-324 +1-408-351-8527
Singapore 800-4922-471 +1-408-351-1676
Thailand 1800-012-310 +1-408-351-0826
Ukraine 0800-504-228 +1-408-351-8367
Vietnam 12280369 (VIETTEL)
121020176 (MOBIFONE)
12032517 (VNPT)
South Korea 080-880-0273 +1-408-351-3837
Kazakhstan 8-800-080-8247 +1-626-507-3786
Laos 001 408 351 0217 +1-408-351-217
Myanmar 08008008046(MPT)
001-408-351-0917 (TELENOR,OREDOO,MYTEL)
Canada 1-855-920-4086 +1-604-227-6828

Note:Please dial the relevant service line number as indicated as your card issuance country.