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UnionPay Diamond credit card holder enjoy:
UnionPay Diamond Card

FREE comprehensive travel insurance plan
Applicable for global for duration of up to 6 days.
Register Now: https://b2c.cntaiping.com.hk/v20/travel/unionpay?channel=UniPay&language=E


Cardholders are required to purchase flight or the hotel or the Eligible Card is used by the Cardholder to make a purchase of any kind (at a minimum of HKD2000) during the Trip.

The first 8-digits and last 4 -digits of eligible card number must be provided upon registration. Cardholder should safe keep the payment slips or bank statement and furnish all information as evidence in the event of a claim. Taiping HK reserve the right to make the final decision on all claims.

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Terms & Conditions
  1. Unless specified, the promotion period is valid from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022, both days inclusive (“Promotion Period”).
  2. The travel insurance is only applicable to holders (the “Cardholder”) of UnionPay Diamond credit cards (include Diamond credit cards and Diamond Prestige credit cards)(“Eligible Cards”). Please refer to the UnionPay website.
  3. The Cardholder can only enroll for a single free 6-day travel insurance plan (the “Free Plan”) for any one trip Globally during the Promotion Period.
  4. The offer is available every month for the first 500 diamond credit cardholders registering their Free Plan (“Monthly Quota”).
  5. For eligible individual cardholders, the offer is limited to three times one year.
  6. Coverage can be extended to Cardholder’s travel companion(s) (up to a maximum of five) that have been nominated during the registration subject to the restrictions set out below.
  7. The following restrictions applied to Diamond credit cardholders to obtain the Free Plan:
    a. The trip (“Trip”) the Cardholder may take is booked during the Promotion Period and falls within the Monthly Quota.
    b. The flight or the hotel of the Trip is paid for by the Cardholder using his/her Eligible Card, or the Eligible Card is used by the Cardholder to make a purchase of any kind (at a minimum of HKD2,000) during the Trip. All The flight or the hotels is paid for by the Cardholder using his/her Eligible Card and is paid in full amount.
    c. All journeys shall be made from and to the Hong Kong and shall be arranged and paid for in Hong Kong. The company also extends the coverage to journeys made from and to the Macau. For the purpose of this extension, the words in this policy relating to the Hong Kong shall be changed to the Macau, except in respect of currency and the terms and conditions applicable to the various parts of this policy.
    d. the Trip must last for 6 days or less.
    e. The Cardholder must be between the ages of 18 and 85 and all the travel companion(s) must be ages between 6 weeks and 85.
    f. The coverage is restricted to a maximum of six (6) travelers (including the Cardholder), who are listed on the booking confirmation or e-Ticket. The Cardholder and his/her travel companion(s) must travel together and must be booked onto the same flight or same hotel.
    g. Cardholder must login to designated website and follow the prompts to register the Free Plan before he/she and the travel companion(s) (if any) leave the immigration counter of Hong Kong or Macau for the purpose of commencement of the Trip.
    h. When making a claim under the Free Plan, China Taiping Insurance (HK) Company Limited may check with UnionPay (Hong Kong) Company Limited to verify if the Cardholder is eligible to get the Free Plan.
    i. The Cardholder is required to provide documentary proof that i) the flight or hotel which was part of the Trip that is subject of the Free Plan, was purchased using the Eligible Card, or that the Eligible Card was used by the Cardholder to make a purchase (minimum of HKD2,000) during the Trip; and ii) the e-ticket or booking confirmation slip of the Trip of the Cardholder and all travel companion(s).
  8. China Taiping Insurance (HK) Company Limited shall have full discretion to handle any claims under the Free Plan in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Free Plan.
  9. Fraud and abuse will result in the forfeiture of the Cardholder’s eligibility to enjoy the Free Plan.
  10. This travel insurance plan is underwritten by China Taiping Insurance (HK) Company Limited. For more information on the travel insurance plans and the relevant claims procedure, please call China Taiping Insurance (HK) Company Limited customer service hotline: 37161616.
  11. The offer is non-refundable.
  12. China Taiping Insurance (HK) Company Limited reserves the sole right to vary these Terms & Conditions at any time with appropriate notice. In the event of any dispute, the decision of China Taiping Insurance (HK) Company Limited and UnionPay (Hong Kong) Company Limited shall be final and conclusive.
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