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UnionPay Ticket Giveaway

Meet the stars with UnionPay Premium Credit Card  


Here’s your chance to win UNIONPAY Presents KAREN MOK THE ULTIMATE GRAND SLAM SHOW Hong Kong tickets by using the UnionPay credit cards! Enjoy the offer by spending HK$9,800 to get 2 complimentary HK$980 tickets, spending HK$6,800 to get 2 complimentary HK$680 tickets, spending HK$3,800 to get 2 complimentary HK$380 tickets. Each credit card can only participate in the ticket giveaway promotion once. Promotion period starts from now until 5 June 2021. Limited tickets available, first-come-first-served, while stocks last. Terms and conditions apply.

Promotion Period:

Now until 5 June 2021

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  1. The offer applies to the UnionPay Diamond Prestige, Diamond, and Platinum credit cards issued in Hong Kong and Macau.
  2. Spending calculates from 7 May 2021 to 5 June 2021 22:59:59 (both dates are inclusive). Transaction records should base on the banking system.
  3. During the promotion period, the eligible UnionPay cardholders can participate in the ticket giveaway promotion given that they successfully spend HK$9,800 to get 2 HK$980 tickets, spend HK$6,800 to get 2 HK$680 tickets, spend HK$3,800 to get 2 HK$380 tickets.
  4. Limited tickets available, first-come-first-served, while stocks last.
  5. Each credit card can only participate in the ticket giveaway promotion once.
  6. Cardholders who reach the spending requirement can register via UnionPay Concierge Hotline +852 2169 0108 (10:00am to 5:00pm) and are required to provide their full names and card numbers (as they appear on the eligible cards), contact phone numbers, and transaction proof (e.g. credit card receipts, bank statements) on the same day to verify their eligibility. No redemption shall be processed without evidence of transactions proof. Successful applicants will receive notification on the first business day of the following week with the ticket pick-up details.
  7. Giveaway tickets are UNIONPAY Presents KAREN MOK THE ULTIMATE GRAND SLAM SHOW Hong Kong tickets. Seat allocation, date selection, and ticket replacement are not available. No replacement for any loss of ticket. Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. The promoter reserves the right to void the ticket if it is resold or used for any commercial purposes or association.
  8. Eligible transactions must be the net spending amount after deducting all applicable discounts, reductions, and cash coupons. Other transactions, including but not limited to unposted / cancelled / refunded / forged / unauthorized transactions are excluded from this promotion.
  9. Spending of different credit cards by the same cardholder will be calculated separately. Spending of the principal and supplementary credit cards will be calculated separately.
  10. UnionPay International Company Limited (refers to “UnionPay International”) is not the supplier of the products or service provider. UnionPay International shall bear no liability relating to any products or services provided.
  11. UnionPay International has the absolute discretion to determine the validity and/or the eligibility of cardholders to enjoy the benefit based on the details of the transactions (including time and date) recorded by the bank. If the transaction records of the cardholder do not match the bank records, the bank’s records shall be final.
  12. UnionPay International will not be liable for any delay, postponement or cancellation due to any force majeure such as power failure, fire, explosion, flood, typhoon, storm or similar disasters, strikes, industrial disputes, abnormally inclement weather, war, insurrection, riot, civil disturbance, acts or threats of terrorism, act of God, communicable disease outbreaks, industrial action, acts or regulations of national or local governments, governmental order or decrees, or any other cause beyond its reasonable control.
  13. The terms and conditions set out herein shall be governed and construed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong courts.
  14. UnionPay International reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of the terms and conditions, the Chinese version shall prevail.