• Global Travel Assistance 01

    Travel assistance is always available for you anywhere in the world. If you require language assistance, help with lost passports or are in an emergency situation, we can assist you. Global Travel Assistance can help in any of these circumstances:

    In fact, we can assist you in any of these circumstances:
    Pre-Trip Information & Assistance
    Emergency message transmission
    Delayed and lost baggage
    Lost passports
    Emergency legal aid
    Early return/trip continuation
    Urgent interpretation service
  • Global Medical Assistance 02

    Medical assistance is always available anywhere in the world. If you lose your medicine or require medical treatment we strongly recommend contacting us first.

    We can provide the following services:
    Medical advice on the phone
    Dispatch of doctors
    Arrangement of hospital admission
    Emergency medical evacuation
    Emergency medical repatriation
    Compassionate Visit
    Arrangement of accommodation for convalescence
    Introduction and recommendation of medical institutions
    Guarantee and/or disbursements of medical expenses and follow-up observation
    Arrangement for delivery of essential drugs and medical supplies
    Repatriation of Mortal Remains
    Repatriation of Minor Children

    We provide communication and information for above services, and cardholders will take the cost in merchant side.

    Especially, Diamond cardholders can enjoy free assistance service.

    Detailed service items and coverage limits as follows:

    Service Items Limitation of Coverage(RMB)
    Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation 2,000,000
    Repatriation of Mortal Remains 2,000,000
    Compassionate Visit 15,000
    Funeral by relative 10,000
    Repatriation of Minor Children 10,000
    Emergency early return 10,000
    Arrangement of Accommodation for Convalescence 10,000
  • Note:The above services may vary due to different card issuing markets and issuers.

    For more details, please refer to the terms and conditions as stipulated by the issuing bank.

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